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Travel Accident Insurance Claim, How Much Sum Insured?

Insurance is not limited to only car and motorcycle insurance. There is also such a thing as plane crash insurance. This type of insurance provides protection when you use commercial air transportation and already have an official permit.

But, what is the coverage of airplane accident insurance risk? What types are there? Come on, see in the following article!

What is Travel Accident Insurance?

Airplane accident insurance is a type of insurance that provides protection for the risk of the life of the passenger or the risk of damage/loss of goods loaded on the flight.

Generally, airplane accident insurance applies if the flight is official. Here’s the definition of an official flight:

  • The Insured (the person whose risk is borne) as a passenger;
  • For commercial flights, it is mandatory to have a regular flight schedule;
  • For non-commercial flights,
    • it is mandatory to use a charter aircraft and already have a license as an airline company;
    • operated by a professional crew in a well maintained airport.

Outside of this definition, most insurance companies do not want to cover the risk.

Types of Plane Accident Insurance

According to the Indonesian General Insurance Association, there are two types of aircraft accident insurance, namely aviation insurance and personal accident.

Aviation Insurance

More functions as compensation or liability for damage to the aircraft, compensation for cargo, the risk of criminal acts, such as aircraft hijacking or terrorism, as well as legal liability to passengers and crew.

The risks covered include:

  • Damage to the fuselage and the engine itself;
  • Damage caused by acts of war and crime;
  • Compensation for the cost of damage/loss of cargo;
  • Legal liability to passengers in the amount of USD 80.000;

However, this insurance is more applicable to flights as a whole. You, as each passenger, can choose a personal accident.

Personal Accident

Also known as personal accident insurance, this type of insurance protects you from all kinds of accidents. Not only plane crashes, but also other vehicle accidents, such as cars and motorcycles.

For example, with Super Safe online insurance. Starting with a flat premium at IDR 36,500 per month, you can enjoy life protection and compensation for hospital costs if there is a risk of an accident. Look for the nearest hospital if you have a personal accident.

What are the Benefits of Travel Accident Insurance?

Airplane accident insurance protects you from various risks, including:

  • Risk of Death;
  • Disability, Total, and Fixed Risks;
  • Benefits for Heirs.

Usually this benefit is already included in the plane crash insurance, especially for victims who are the breadwinners of the family. In addition to legal responsibility, you can also secure the risk of an accident through personal accident insurance.


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