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Stock Investment Tips for Beginner

Stocks are one type of investment that can provide high returns, but not infrequently. The choice of stocks that are not appropriate can also cause large losses. So what if you want to invest in stocks without worrying about the price going up and down? Check out the following tips:

Decide to be an Investor, not a Trader

There are two types of stock players, namely traders and investors. If you don’t want to be easily frustrated or hurt when your stock price drops or falls, decide to become an investor early on. With the mindset of choosing to be an investor, you will be calm even though stock prices in the money market are unstable or fluctuate because you expect long-term profits, not from short-term price increases.

Choose Blue Chip Stock

If you have decided to become a stock investor, the next step is choosing Blue Chip stocks as your investment instrument.

Blue Chip shares are good and well-established company stocks in terms of financial and fundamentals. In other words, Blue Chip shares are shares of companies whose credibility and performance can be relied on. Choosing Blue Chip stocks can reduce your anxiety about the money you are investing.

Expect Profit from Dividend

In order not to be easily frustrated by the ups and downs of stock prices, you can simply expect dividends from the Blue Chip stocks that you own. The more lots of Blue Chip shares you have, the bigger the dividends you will get.

Use Idle Money to Invest

Use your “idle” money to invest in stocks, so you don’t worry when your stock price drops.


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