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Small Investment Online Business Idea

Making money through online business is now very easy with advances in communication technology. Although only with very minimal capital, there are many business options that you can do from home, to increase your family’s monthly income.

Currently, the trend of online business ideas is even a concern for many large companies, because it can reduce the level of sales of their products very significantly.

The reasons behind the emergence of many online entrepreneurs are very simple, namely:

  • Online business can be done anytime and anywhere;
  • Has a very small initial capital;
  • Huge profits;
  • It’s easy to find products to sell with the presence of various big online stores.
  • Easy product resale, especially through social media;
  • This online business also doesn’t require you to go anywhere.

In an online business, there are only a few things that become the initial capital, namely:

  • Strong desire to increase income;
  • Stable internet network;
  • Initial capital for the purchase of products to be sold;

The following are online business ideas that you can try with only a cellphone and an internet network, namely:

Become a Property Sales Agent

A property sales agent is an online business from home that you can do even without the slightest initial capital.

In addition, property sales agents today are no longer like old property sales agents who have to travel to various places to find buyers for a property. Because, there is already social media that makes it easier for you to find potential buyers.

It’s just that as a first step, you have to build trust from property owners and potential buyers, learn how to advertise good property, and other supporting insights.

If you already have a good reputation, then you don’t have to do all these things again. Because, both property owners and prospective buyers will make you the first person they are looking for in terms of buying and selling property that they will do.

Become a Dropshipper or Reseller

A dropshipper is someone who sells a certain product in very large quantities using his name and personal brand, while a reseller is someone who usually sells a product taken from dropshippers.

Dropshippers and resellers actually have almost the same work, which is to both sell products obtained from other parties. It’s just that a dropshipper always uses a personal identity – generally in the form of a personal online store name –, while resellers don’t use it.

When you become a dropshipper or reseller, you just need to do the following:

  • Find the types and forms of goods for sale;
  • Create online accounts on various online selling applications and sites;
  • Create accounts on various social media;
  • Promoting sales products;

Open an Online Course

The need to learn certain skills has become an urgent need for men and women of working age today. This then opens up separate job opportunities for people who have expertise in each. That is by opening an online course and becoming an online tutor in it.

There are many fields that can be worked on in online courses, for example English courses, blog and website creation courses, and so on.

Opening Services to Create a Website

Advances in communication technology today make many people – especially companies- really need a website.

There are many advantages if a company has a website, namely:

  • Being the first thing that will be sought by work relations and product consumers, as well as being a representation of the assessment points of various parties for a company.
  • Facilitate the introduction of the company and its various products.
  • Increase the credibility of a company.

The number of companies and even online business activists who need a website makes website creation services one of the most promising online business ideas for now. The capital for making it is also very cheap, and of course it is well understood by those who have expertise and experience in the field of websites and blogs.

Become a Professional Blogger or Vlogger

Blogs are personal websites and websites that contain content on various themes.

Vlog is an abbreviation of video blog, in other words that the content and material in it is almost the same as a blog, but it is dominated by video content.

There are various materials that can be used as material for your work when you are going to make a vlog, and of course according to your interests and areas of expertise. For example about recipes, android tutorials, blog tutorials, traveling, beauty product reviews, smartphone reviews with various accessories, and so on.

The source of income for a vlogger is from certain companies that want to advertise, or through collaboration with advertising companies such as google adsense, and others.


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