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5 Customer Satisfaction Indicators You Must Know

To measure customer satisfaction, you must know what the indicators are. This customer satisfaction indicator is your reference in assessing customer satisfaction.

The function of the customer satisfaction indicator is as a measuring tool to determine the level of customer satisfaction. There are 5 indicators that you can use to assess customer satisfaction. The five hands are:

Product Quality

The main indicator of customer satisfaction is the quality of the product or service that you create. The quality of the product or service really determines customer satisfaction. The better the quality, the more satisfied customers, will be.

Nowadays, people are more concerned with the quality of the product than the price. So the quality of the product or service is the main indicator of customer satisfaction.

Service Quality

The next indicator is the quality of service. Service to buyers is also one of the keys to satisfying customers.

In doing service, you must be friendly so that customers will feel comfortable. Thus customers will feel happy to buy or use your products and services.

Product Price

Price is an indicator of further customer satisfaction. Currently, customer satisfaction does not depend on low or high prices. Customers value the suitability of the price with the quality of the product.

Customers will still be satisfied if the quality of the product is good even though the price is quite high. On the other hand, customers will be disappointed if the price is high, but poor quality.

Ease of Access To Get Products

The next indicator in assessing customer satisfaction is the ease of accessing the product. The easier the product is accessed, the more satisfied the customer. This convenience also affects the number of product sales.

How to Advertise a Product

Advertising a product or service is also an indicator to measure customer satisfaction. Nothing wrong if you have to make ads as attractive as possible.

Ads that are attractive and follow the quality of the product or service will satisfy customers. They do not feel cheated because the product or service they buy is under what is advertised.

Have you explained what the indicators of customer satisfaction are? You must pay attention to this indicator so that the level of customer satisfaction with your product or service increases.


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